featured project

Featured Project

Sara Lee Headquarters    

400 South Jefferson
Chicago, Illinois
Rendering by Proteus Group
Leopardo Construction
Proteus Group
Sterling Bay

In December 2011 Sara Lee Corporation made the decision to move its headquarters to downtown Chicago in 2013 after the company completes its split into two units. 

The project is a revitalization of a 270,000 square-foot building that was built in 1946 for the Newman-Rudolph Lithography Company.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s. the building housed the selected services induction center for military draftees.  It processed thousands of young men on their way to Vietnam.


The building is again coming to life to house the Sara Lee Corporation. Replacing the window system allows more light and adds life to the building while also making the building more energy efficient.  Below you can see in progress photos of the work we are performing.

Above is the southeast corner of the building
where we have just recently installed the ribbon
windows and low iron glass.

South corner of the building.

Northeast corner of the building.

The stage is set for the crew to install the remaining tower glass.

Much of the glass has been installed.  Next step is to cover with horizontal and vertical mullions.

The vertical pressure plates have been added.