It is important to us that we invest not only in today, but into the future.  We regularly participate and are proficient in providing appropriate documentation for projects resulting in Platinum, Gold and Silver LEED Certifications.  We also have worked hard to establish the following sustainability practices in our day to day operations:

  1. Recycling: We have a trash compactor that we use to condense down all paper and cardboard material that passes through our manufacturing facilities.
  2. Racks/Bunks vs. Crates: We have worked with our major glass and metal suppliers to establish a program where 80% of our orders are delivered to us on steel racking/bunk systems in lieu of wooden crates.  This eliminates wood scraps and waste
  3. LEAN Manufacturing:  Our manufacturing facilities encompass the following LEAN Manufacturing processes:
    1. Customer Focus
    2. Culture/People
      1. Right person for the right job
    3. Workplace Standardization
    4. Elimination of Waste
      1. Most efficient work flow- remove steps
    5. Continuous Improvement
      1. Quality
  4. Local Sourcing/Hiring: We make our best attempt to use locally owned businesses.  We also utilize both local MBE/WBE businesses, and participate in local job fairs and internships.