Project #8 – Old Main Post Office

Project #8 – Old Main Post Office

Contractor: BEAR Construction

BEAR Construction

Architect: Gensler Architects

Gensler Architects

Owner: 601WCompanies Chicago, LLC

601WCompanies Chicago, LLC

Project Delivery Method:

Lump Sum



Project Description:

The Old Main Post Office in downtown Chicago stands 14 stories and spans 2.8 million square feet. It now boasts 2.5 million square feet of available office space.The building was built in 1921, but expanded greatly in 1932 in order to serve Chicago's great volume of postal business.

In 1997, the old building was vacated in favor of the new, modernized facility. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. After being purchsed at auction in 2016, the structure is now undergoing major rennovations to bring it back to life and will include the new Chicago offices for Walgreens, occupying 200,000 square feet and housing 1,800 employees. In addition, the Ferrara Candy Co. announced that it would move its headquarters to the Post Office building during 2019.